Windows Vista Wallpaper Pack



The not included Windows Vista wallpapers


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Hamad Darwish is the author of two of the photographs which finally weren't included in the final version of Windows Vista.

Darwish, is a great photographer and was selected by Microsoft in order to illustrate the new Operating System, a great choice without any doubt.

In this amazing pack called Windows Vista Wallpaper Pack we will find twenty-two great photographs specially taken for that purpose. Check it, download the pack and set any of them as wallpaper, you?ll be amazed.

You choose: The sunshine, a snowy view, a small lake, a marvelous beach,...

The resolution of the wallpapers is 1920x1200 pixels, so you won?t have any size problem no matter the size of your screen.

Thanks to this wallpaper pack you will enjoy the wallpapers which weren't chosen to be included in the final version of the WOW Operating System.
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